About Us

Swami Vivekanand Yoga Therapy Center has been the 1 authority on yoga and the yoga lifestyle. We offers all practitioners from beginners to masters,expert information on how to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life both on and off the mat. Every day, Swami Vivekanand Yoga Therapy Center engages classes with top teachers and in-depth reporting on poses, breathing, meditation, nutrition, health, trends and more.

First time in Belgaum Acu-YOGA for all health problems treated by YOGA , Pranayam, Suzok, Shivambhu, Reiki, Dowsing, Naturopathy, Acupressure & Acupuncture, "NO INJECTION - NO MEDICINE". Colour Therapy, Magneto Therapy, Meditation Zone, Reflexology, "360* Development" etc.

Our Services

  • Pranayam, Suzok
  • Shivambhu, Reiki
  • Dowsing, Naturopathy
  • Acupressure & Acupuncture
  • Colour Therapy, Magneto Therapy
  • Meditation Zone, Reflexology
  • 360* Development & More
  • One to One personal Trainer
  • Special Lady Trainer
  • Home visit on request

Dr. Ramesh Hosmani

CEO and Founder

Miss. Rakshita Hosmani

Co - founder


  • Zarin Sharma

    I would highly recommend this unit of study for all who have the desire to understand the joy that yoga practice brings to ones life and beyond.

  • Karan Tiwari

    They are excellent , instilling a love of yoga in their students with their skill, passion and compassion. Yoga has changed my life for the better.Thank You !!

  • Sandeep Poul

    From the very first class I have enjoyed the enthusiasm, patience, love of Yoga, and demeanor. They makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable.

  • Asha Patil

    As I get older I feel myself becoming less flexible. Swami Vivekanand Yoga Therapy Center's Yoga sessions are helping me to regain my flexibility.

How to find us

Address :

Friends music classes.

Sadashiv Nagar. BELAGAVI.


1127. BUDA Scheme 40.

Near chikkubagh.

Behind KLE school. BELAGAVI.

Telephone : +91 997 202 9484

+91 944 823 0340

+91 963 202 9291

Email : rhosmani54@gmail.com

Email : rati2007in7@gmail.com